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Fuck Yeah, Floppy Guys!

This song is by The Axis of Awesome and appears on the album Cry Yourself a River (2012).

I'm driving alone and I'm feeling down
I'm sick of world and this deadbeat town
Something moving catches my eye
Oh my god it's a floppy guy

Fuck Yeah, Floppy Guys
Flopping around what a fucking surprise
Fuck Yeah, can't believe my eyes
Floppy Guys

A majestic dancer of cloth and air
What is he selling I just don't care
Second hand cars, above ground pools
Surplus corn, no it's much more cool

Fuck Yeah, It's a Floppy Guy shop
I'm so glad I decided to stop
I've found my own and I watch him bob
At the Floppy Guy shop

Floppy Guys, I'll take two
One for me and one for you
What I did next is no surprise
I wrote a song about, Floppy Guys

So here's a solution for impulse buys
Like lasers, corn and floppy guys
Use them in a song and you can relax
'Cause you can claim it all on your tax

On Your Tax, We claim this shit on our tax

Fuck Yeah, Floppy Guys!
Fiscal stability justified
Fuck Yeah, Reach for the sky
Floppy Guys!

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