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This song is by The Attery Squash and appears on the album Citation Needed (2010).

This song is a cover of "Manchester" by The Times.
Buildings of gray on a liquid sky
Turns the day into night.
The bars are filling with fighting Irish
Smug young married couples dressing down for the weekend.

Pert shop girls and typists tip-tapping
Into blaring dance halls.
Hard-faced villains dressing up for the drinking clubs,
While Suburbia sits watching television.

Bouncers in tuxedos with butterflies round their necks,
"Love" tattooed on the right hand and "Hate" on the left.
Stone Roses just like angels, Heaven is this noise,
Fancied by the shop-girls admired by the sweatshop boys.

So we're sitting in the snug bar waiting for Jase the Ace
Hooky's by the jukebox doing his splendid to entertain
Look at Tony Wilson live on Channel 4
Vote for Rodney Marsh 'cause Best's on sale again.

I hear a song by Steven Patrick,
A crocodile tear paints the dead,
Everybody starts shouting "HANG THE DJ"
So he puts on State 808 instead.

I see a face at the Hacienda,
I see a heart that's torn in two.
I see a head that flies the Happy Mondays
And a lonely girl called you. (x2)

Manchester! Manchester, England!
Manchester, I'll always love you! (repeat)

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