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Let It Go

This song is by The Ataris and appears on the album ...Anywhere but Here (1997).

Forgot about the girl I didn't kiss...
about the one show that I missed...
I sorta figured out that things
will turn out alright.
There's no use holding on to the past,
Live it up man, have a blast!
Stop your whining pal
and go and have some fun tonight!

You gotta let it go... (x3)
and things will turn out alright.
You gotta let it go... (x3)
and have some fun tonight!

My life is changing so rapidly
I'm not sure what I wanna be...
But, I understand I've still got a lot to learn
I'm pretty happy with my life.
And, I'm really glad you said you'd be my
even though we know that forever has an
I'm gonna tell the world
about my baby girl.
Starla is her name, oh yes indeed!

Written by:

Kris Roe

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