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Ezra Eats

This song is by The Arrogant Worms and appears on the album Beige (2007).

I have a little baby boy and Ezra is his name
No one knows him now but I know he will be famous
And known throughout the world for all of his accomplishments
But for now the main thing that he does real well is eat

Ezra eats

I know some kids are finicky, most foods they will ignore
When Ezra says his first words I know they'll be, 'Give me more!'
He hasn't missed a meal in all his 231 days
I guess he knows his dad's a Worm and that it barely pays

So he eats

Some kids learn to roll and crawl and walk and then explore
But Ezra'd rather show the world that he's an omnivore
He'll be a hockey goalie soon and riches he will get
'Cause if he grows at this rate he will take up all the net

'Cause he eats

He ate us out of our house and then ate the neighbor's home
He chewed up all their garden and then ate their garden gnome
We took him to IKEA and while I sat on the benches
He ate a sofa named Bjorn and seven Allen wrenches

'Cause he eats

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