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Mucus Shifters

This song is by The Apex Theory and appears on the album Topsy Turvy (2002).

Mucus-shifters throat-menders
Suck up social members
Have you realized the patience given not given back?
Working, Ready-made fix-it-quick
Years of little gain
Push me too far blind bats it will never end

K (no) w money
Life is plenty funny
For all you hard working people the day never ends

Multi-vitamins tea bags vitamin see in me
Anxious pee-ons rule-by-law
Laced with E, Laze-ery
Hold on my foot in your mouth
Taste the asphalt
Slobbery wet smokers breathe for you
And now I'm breathing you

I want to feel like the man who never lost his soul
Took advice 'cause I thought I could've had it all
Didn't know that a better life was possible

I could feel like the kid who never lost his soul
Take advice and believe that it's attainable
You could say that a better life is possible

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