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Mucus Shifters

This song is by The Apex Theory and appears on the album Topsy Turvy (2002).

Mucus-shifters throat-menders
Suck up social members
Have you realized the patience given not given back?
Working, Ready-made fix-it-quick
Years of little gain
Push me too far blind bats it will never end

K(no)w money
Life is plenty funny
For all you hard working people the day never ends

Multi-vitamins tea bags vitamin see in me
Anxious pee-ons rule-by-law
Laced with E, Laze-ery
Hold on my foot in your mouth
Taste the asphalt
Slobbery wet smokers breathe for you
And now I'm breathing you

I want to feel like the man who never lost his soul
Took advice 'cause I thought I could've had it all
Didn't know that a better life was possible

I could feel like the kid who never lost his soul
Take advice and believe that it's attainable
You could say that a better life is possible

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