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​Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than An Orange

This song is by The Amboy Dukes and appears on the album Journey To The Center Of The Mind (1968).

First the world,
Then boy then girl,
Six days it took in all.
In His image he designed us
With no thought of flaw.

Now the question of perfection
Lingers in my mind.
Why is a carrot more orange than an Orange?
Why are you greener than green?
Why do we sometimes believe
In things we've never seen?

Never doubt what it's about
And you'll get along fine.
But thy seeing the true meaning
Proves you've got a mind.
My suggestion is inspection of humanity.

I see why the ground is lower than the sky
And why sound can penetrate your mind,
But why is a carrot oranger than an Orange?
Oranger than an Orange?
Oranger than an Orange?