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The Anthem

This song is by The Ambassador and appears on the album The Thesis (2005).

Gods reachin' out the hip hop so I want everybodies lida so the message I'm bringin' to everybodies lida, doin' it to doin' it to everybodies spita, wish they all would be saved but I know everybodies nida, act like bullits are flying but everybodies drida, pay homage to the god that's god everybodies tita, more valuable than everybodies spita, one look at his stone he'll have ya stoned like everybodies grita, meet the god who can change ya meet everybodies split ends, reaches everybodies lidend, I wanna see everybodies hitten, how you gonna front it's like everybodies jidend, far that is all that I know that they are saying. I am quite disappointed that it makes no sense and they use 80 words that do not even exist... what a shame. but then again, they are quite busy... lets all keep on asking them to publish the lyrics! I cannot be edified by these tongues when there is no translation...

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