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​Talk A Lot

This song is by The Ambassador and appears on the album The Chop Chop: From Milk To Meat (2008).

I don't understand something
Every time its time to chop chop
Seems like everybody get all sleepy now (huhuh)
What you wanna hear me (you walking away, its ambassador, I ain't finish I ain't make my point, c'mon lemmie make my point man)

You think I talk alot
But what I talk about
Could get up in you and then you could really walk it out
I'm hoping you listen
This is nutrition
You and god how's that for a new vision
Girly just got her hair and her nails did
But come here I could help you know what the nails did
And two keeps you sure and plus one on the side
But I'm a tell 'bout the one who got one on his side

So am like it hard hitting
So am like the raw spitting
I like 'em both when they yolked and what of god's written
The father exalted the son we should all kiss em
He's risen, he's lord of all not just of all christians
This is our mission
This is offition
Its good news for you no more partition
You're free to drink from what the no more bars missing
Living water
You'll give the order I'll start mixing
Wait there nothing to mix