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​Gimme Dat!

This song is by The Ambassador and appears on the album The Chop Chop: From Milk To Meat (2008).

Gimme dat bible, gimme dat mic
I'll drop Jesus-centered weight so he can make a disciple
Can't surpass Christ there's no takin' his title
A passion for Christ I'll have you prayin' for revival
Gimme my city, yeah, gimme dat, let's fish
Gospel of peace, yeah you can give me dat
Fresh kicks, gimme dat
Vest with your blessin' Lord I'm desperate
You gave me your life so I look forward to my exit
I used to be a punk kid, used to wanna run with
Dudes that wanna hunt to turn our ones into hundreds
Used to want a blunt, to be blunt I wanted trees
Just to alter my mind, now I find I'm wantin' Jesus
Used to roll mad deeper with a street clique
Corner holdin' heat on the low like a secret
God's spirit penetrated my soul on a sneak tip
Took control now I'm in his fold like a leaflet

Gimme dat fire, gimme dat flame
Gimme dat fresh wind, gimme dat rain
Gimme dat freedom, you can have the chains
Gimme dat God who can gimme all things
Gimme dat fire, flame
Gimme dat fresh wind, gimme dat rain
Gimme dat freedom, you can have the chains
Gimme dat God who can gimme all things

I know you got riches, I know you got ice
Your life is a big party, you're partyin' all night
You don't mind not knowin' Christ, in your mind that's all right
You might not get this now but you're kind of a Saul type
You keep with the trends, Cool's your middle name
On your pants you got a chain that droops like Lil Wayne
You're tattooed in a Benz, maybe you're in a Range
Ladies, you drive 'em crazy, nothing's crazier than your frame
This is a shame, it's the age and I'm game
To be an agent of change in an age that's like a page in a flame
Just smoke, just mirrors, just vapor - it's plain
To see a Holy God's not one of you favorite things
I was just like you but God moved on a fellow
Gave me good news that I could use on the ghetto
Maybe it's you who wants to U-turn to settle
You're debt if you do, I'll tell you it's been settled

So you got platinum? We got a Lord
If we want we could ask him but he's our reward
Gotta be perfect, it can't be three out of four
If you're sick of fallin' short then he got a cure
Gimme dat cure, dat door, dat hero
Gimme dat grace to never chase the dinero
How much glory should you give your boy? Zero
That would cause beef with the Lamb like a Gyro
Gimme dat day reaches you over shinin'
Truth over rhymin', virtue over diamonds
Gimme some change, sometimes I do need the dough
And gimme some pain, somethin' I do need to grow
Gimme what I won't ask for, don't gimme what I seek
When I creep, I'm a sheep, gimme dope pasture
Gimme life just like you intended
And sight to see you raise the day you ascended