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​Checkin' For My God Remix

This song is by The Ambassador, features Lecrae and Trip Lee and appears on the album The Chop Chop: From Milk To Meat (2008).

(Verse 1 - The Ambassador)
People want to know about a sole devout God who got us rolling out a carpet for him
Make way for the King
Lord Jesus, the ruler, Lion of Judah
Who'd take a dulas and make him a friend
They wanna know if and when did you begin if you're him
Who's mad infinite, then you would be the Infinite's son
This would mean that you're God, this would mean you're in charge
Cause only he was involved in what precedes Genesis 1
Why'd you come to the Earth when you're not part of the Earth
And you got ultimate worth and you plopped into a mess?
Why die for a people who got a passion for evil?
Why let them lash you and beat you when you supplied them their breath?
I think the Savior was saying right when you say that the Creator is the only way
That you straight up perceive Genesis 1
We know the Father and Holy Spirit both did it but John 1
Says along with the Father and Spirit, it was the Son
He came to the Earth with no stops, came the Earth through no pops
Lived on the Earth with no props, he's written the story
He died for a block, 'cause he's a God that is not
Gonna be clowned or be mocked, trust me he's getting that glory
So now we're kicking the truth, in the booth
We like to spit 'cause it's few people who through the Spirit really wanna get with y'all
Who forsake money and places that's sunny and stages with honeys
Just to rep the living God you should be checkin' for

(Hook - Lecrae)
Hey I be reppin' for him, I drop the message for him
I only wanna give you things that get you checkin' for him
I want you checkin' for my God
Checkin' for my God
Checkin' for my God
I want you checkin' for my God
I could rap about my gear, rap about what I could steer
But I'd rather rap about the God that died to get you near
I want you checkin' for my God
Checkin' for my God
Checkin' for my God
I want you checkin' for my God

(Verse 2 - Trip Lee)
People wanna know about my God and his forgiveness
Cats is holding at him hoping I can get a witness
Cats is off their rockers, they knock us, we not trippin'
When man's demanding answers, bro we find them in the Scriptures
(Listen up) I know they told you that God ain't really s'posed to
Punish anybody 'cause he loves them in their clothes bro
But he knows, even if you hate him, he would hold ya
I think it's time we seen him better like a close up
He does love us man but it seems we broke up
Sin brings a gap and it has to get closed up
He can't just let us off the hook man he shows us
His forgiveness is tied to him who died and rose up
His love is so great, he gave the Son to save us
A free gift offered if you come and trust the One who changed us
We ambassadors who rep him so you get to know him
Here bro I know this'll get you open and checkin' for him

(Hook - Lecrae)

(Verse 3 - Lecrae)
People want to know about our God and his mercy
Like don't he see us hurting and how messed up the Earth be?
I know that people in church be like "Praise him, he's so worthy"
But how can he condemn folks who ain't heard him in the first place?
I'm sure that many people feel like they deserve life
But it's death that we deserving 'cause we've all rejected Christ
The world's full of murder, got ya lies, got ya hate
It's a wonder God ain't take the world and crush it into flakes
Man it's mercy God's showing when a man's in a cell
Doing 25 to life but he'll never go to hell
'Cause he gave his life to Jesus when we know that he deserved
To spend forever distant from the God who made the Earth man
Mercy's when a person don't get what they should
Like I should've got death but instead I got it good
So if you thinking God's wrong 'cause he's perfect and he's just
Just remember that we all should be crushed, you checkin' for him?

(Hook - Lecrae)