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The Exotic Sounds of Alter Boys (2005)Edit

Alter Boys - Exotic Sounds Of
The Exotic Sounds of Alter Boys
  1. Pigs and Pineapples
  2. Can't Cool Down
  3. Famine Ghost
  4. Little White Lies
  5. Where Have You Gone
  6. A Little Pain Goes A Long Way
  7. Auto-Erotica
  8. Boy In A Bubble
  9. Docking Bay 94
  10. Surrounded By Porcelain Flies
  11. I See You Moving
  12. Yesterday Is Here

Group Members Edit

Current Members Edit

  • Jason Popson - Vocals
  • Todd Smith – Vocals, Guitar
  • Mike Martini - Guitar, Accorsian, Vocals
  • Matt Rippetoe - Keyboards, Woodwind
  • Jeff Siegel - Keyboards
  • Craig Martini - Bass, Vocals
  • Eric Matthews - Drums
  • Ryan Dunn - Additional Vocals

Related ArtistsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Little Pain Goes A Long Way
  2. Pigs And Pineapple

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