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Point Me At The Fridge

This song is by The Abs and appears on the album Nail It Down (1990).

Won't you come on over tonight
My self control is at an ebb
Come on over tonight
Cold Newcy brown, a chunk of Leb
My place is yours, this is true
A pile of cans is rising fast
Just no telling how long this session's
Gonna last

Come on over tonight
The rugby match is on the box
The second I go for a shite
The welsh go over, Ringland rocks
The outside world is at bay
At least until the news comes on
Defiance is the rock we'll build our home upon

Been away for a while
And objectively I surveyed my role
Pursuing the sunburst narcotic
That rejuvenates my very soul
I mean what I'm saying
Love what I'm saying
Hoping and praying
Truly conveying
Our wishes to those who support what we're doing
They know who they are

Come on over tonight
And really freak the neighbours out
Come on over tonight
The place is smelling like "The Trout"
Clambering up from the deck
With pins 'n' needles in my calf
Point me at the fridge
Before the second half!

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