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Fear Is The Key

This song is by The Abs and appears on the album Nail It Down (1990).

I got a feeling something's wrong
You know when something just ain't right
I've been taken for a ride
But I can't give up my fight

You buy the word from cradle to grave
And you don't ask why
Frightened to live, too scared to die

You gotta pull yourself away
From your day to day routine
Break away the chains that safely hold you down
You gotta grab back for what is yours
Know what I mean

Destiny ain't the uncontrollable thing
That they'd like you to believe
They're keeping you scared
'Cause your fear is their key

A thousand times I looked back in anger
And a thousand more I looked back in shame
At the way I let them take my pride
And my heart and my soul
And left me with just a name
Then it hit me I realised that's the price that you pay
When you tow the line
So now I'm taking it back
I'm gonna claim what's mine

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