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Wasps' Nests (1995)Edit

The 6ths - Wasps' Nests
Wasps' Nests
  1. San Diego Zoo (featuring Barbara Manning)
  2. Aging Spinsters
  3. All Dressed Up in Dreams (featuring Mary Timony)
  4. Falling Out of Love (With You) (featuring Dean Wareham)
  5. Winter in July (featuring Ayako Akashiba)
  6. Pillow Fight (featuring Mitch Easter)
  7. Dream Hat (featuring Mac McCaughan)
  8. Movies in My Head (featuring Georgia Hubley)
  9. In the City in the Rain (featuring Lou Barlow)
  10. Looking for Love (In the Hall of Mirrors) (featuring Amelia Fletcher)
  11. Heaven in a Black Leather Jacket (featuring Robert Scott)
  12. Here in My Heart (featuring Anna Domino)
  13. Puerto Rico Way (featuring Mark Robinson)
  14. You Can't Break a Broken Heart (featuring Jeffrey Underhill)
  15. When I'm Out of Town (featuring Chris Knox)
  16. Yet Another Girl (featuring Stuart Moxham) (Vinyl release only)

Hyacinths and Thistles (1999)Edit

The 6ths - Hyacinths and Thistles
Hyacinths and Thistles
  1. As You Turn to Go (featuring Momus)
  2. Give Me Back My Dreams (featuring Sally Timms)
  3. He Didn't (featuring Bob Mould)
  4. I've Got New York (featuring Melanie)
  5. Just Like a Movie Star (featuring Dominique A)
  6. Kissing Things (featuring Sarah Cracknell)
  7. Lindy-Lou (featuring Miho Hatori)
  8. Night Falls Like a Grand Piano (featuring Clare Grogan)
  9. The Dead Only Quickly (featuring Neil Hannon)
  10. The Sailor in Love with the Sea (featuring Gary Numan)
  11. Volcana! (featuring Marc Almond)
  12. Waltzing Me All the Way Home (featuring Odetta)
  13. You You You You You (featuring Katharine Whalen)
  14. Oahu (featuring Miss Lily Banquette)

Songs as Featured ArtistEdit

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