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This song is by The 1975 and appears on the EP Sex (2012) and on the album The 1975 (2013).

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And this is how it starts
Take your shoes off in the back of my van
Yeah, my shirt looks so good when it's just hanging off your back
And she said, 'Use your hands in my spare time'
'We've got one thing in common, it's this tongue of mine'
She said
She's got a boyfriend anyway

There's only minutes before I drop you off
All we seem to do is talk about sex
She's got a boyfriend anyway

I loved your friend when I saw his film
He's got a funny face
But I like that 'cause he still looks cool
She's got a boyfriend anyway

Now we're on the bed in my room
And I'm about to fill his shoes
But you say no
You say no
Does he take care of you
Or could I even fill his shoes?
But you say no
You say no

Now we're just outside of town
And you're making your way down
She's got a boyfriend anyway

And I'm not trying to stop you, love
If we're gonna do anything we might as well just fuck
She's got a boyfriend anyway

You've got your tongue pierced anyway
You in your high tops any day
You in your skinny jeans anyway
You and your fit friends anyway
I'd take them all out any day
They've all got back combs anyway
You all got boyfriends anyway

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