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Holy Love

This song is by The-Dream and appears on the album IV Play (2013).

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No lie
I'm a rollin' stone
I stay ultra high
It's gotten harder to live
Easier to die

I'm a rollin' stone
She said there will never be
Love for me
But you'll have ever thing
But everything

Now no fancy car
Will replace my love
Not even a million women
Could help me feel that love
I sacrifice everything
For this love
On a rainy day in 07
I found an umbrella
Got a taste of it
And made a deal with her.

For the
Holy love, holy love
I made a deal with her
The holy love holy love

I'm a rolling stone
There will never be love for me
I'll be searching through
Forever endlessly
I sit amongst the throne
Inherited enemies
Became royalty
In this dynasty

Thought that fancy car
Would replace my love
Took the hands of women
To feel that love
I sacrificed everything
Yet I'm sill prayin' for love
I came across another virgo
Every one knows
Got another taste
And re-up my deal with her
For the...

Holy love, holy love

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