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This song is by That 1 Guy and appears on the album The Moon Is Disgusting (2007).

Orange you glad
It's the shape
Of the sound
Just takes one taste
To know
There's oranges around
I'll take it back
But first I'll take
Another bite-ta
I ate it then
Because I thought
It looked ripe-pa

Sweeter now
But it was sour
Last night
Eyes full of citrus
'Cause we got into
A fruit fight
Sweet like candy
With your tongue
To the ground
Build them up
And then we'll
Break 'em all down

It's never over
Till the fat fruit
Gets squeezed
We like to lick it
But it stung
On the lips
Get out the glasses
And we'll
Squeez till
It stings
So could you hold
Another urge back
Like this

They mumbled reasons
That they wrecked
All their reps
Another sucker
Got too quick
With his quips
That's why we stumbled
When we took
Such big steps
That's why we puckered
When we took
Such big sips...