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This song is by That 1 Guy and appears on the album The Moon Is Disgusting (2007).

Take this train, take my turn.
Tell me that you wanna
Travel there and then you'll learn,
Guava, guava.

Not for free, on the ground.
Squash it with your palm-a
Ride that train all around,
Guava, guava.

Just cause the fog is getting thicker,
And all the talk is getting slicker,
Hitting hearts and wear what's in the hamper,
All pompous and plump, too much to pamper.

Cushy this, and pushy that.
Squeeze it if you wanna
Push them and they'll push you back,
Guava, guava.

Ride that train, along this rope.
Tie it in a knot-a
Hoping yes but hearing nope,
Guava, guava.

With no where to go and now it's over,
So clever to sow a four leaf clover
We owe not a scent, but just one favor,
We notice the hot and funny flavor.

Undersole, underwear.
Teach them what they taught ya.
What we're told, why we're scared,
Guava, guava.

In the air, in the cage.
Hide us in the bottom.
Not enough don't let this stage,
Guava, guava.

Guava, guava.