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Gods of War

This song is by Thanatos and appears on the album Angelic Encounters (2000).

Genocide - all civilization destroyed
The gods of war - emerging once again
Limb-dissection - body parts everywhere
Soul-collector - beware, the reaper is near
Limb-dissector, soul collector
Fear the reaper, for I am near
Ethnic cleansing, extermination
Genocide, is what I crave
The smell of death turns me on;
I cum on segmented limbs
Women, children, men and beasts;
All corpses smell the same
Sempiternal, hell on earth
The gods of war, have emerged
Do not await, the Nazarene
No judgement day, all prayers in vain.
The rotting stench of burning flesh,
The sickening smell of war
It fills your lungs
Like the stench of an indisposed whore


(Repeat 3rd verse)

Women, children, men and beasts,
Yellow, black and white
No discrimination;
You all die tonight!

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