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Upshot Veil

This song is by ThanatoSchizO and appears on the album InsomniousNightLift (2003).

(Lyrics by Eduardo)

"Which colour has the autumn wind that stains my body with its touch?". If only you could see me: spying your shined and frozen skin, while lying between the shadows!
"In this world, love has no colour. And who knows? Perhaps my body is stained by yours!
I will leave this infinite thoughts' house and taste the rain-water in my lips". This is the way you remember yourself...
Breathless you crawl among brambles scratching you. This is the way you enchant me... Veiled is the serenity by which you bleed in an inner smile. Dishevelled by luck.
Unforeseen of emotion without fear. This is the way you left... In the interrogation of tomorrow. From the sting until today's payment...
Going beyond as if an empty window of false painting would attract you in trance... To no one... Alone under a torn curtain of insane acts...

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