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Slow-Chamber Candles' Choir

This song is by ThanatoSchizO and appears on the album InsomniousNightLift (2003).

(Lyrics by Eduardo)

I've seen your heart so many times,
Mind's bridge within praying candles
Where I worship you.
Dreadful hypnotic weather.
Endless appearance.
Even when these eyes go down
I wandered for what I stand...
May not tremble my hands,
But why are my feet so cold?
I wish I knew it all.
Make no lie. No sinner!
I wish I wasn't right
And knew you would believe us.
It's a fact; I'm not frightened to cry...
Light plays the rough corner wall reflection!
It used to hide...
It used to hurt...
Framed sun in a candle box... innocent reward.
It's all so different now!
But what difference does it make,
A burning chest on a long locked breath?

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