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No More Pain

This song is by Thanateros and appears on the album Liber Lux (2009).

Memories of something higher
Of a harmony beyond all matter
I grubbed too deep too far below
Caught between light and painful dark
A soul imprisoned in a crumbling cell
This mortal coil will perish
This earthly flesh shall pass away
Torture's coming down

There's no more pain

A glance of peace so deep inside
Of our pure and shining core
I flew too high too far aloft
Caught between peace and inner strife
A spirit trapped in a withering shell
This earthbound shape will vanish
This restless mind shall dissolve
Fear is falling down

There's no more pain

The tides are turning
The yonder shore's ahead
The winds are changing
Time to put to sea
There'll be no more dreams of decay
No more visions of decomposing
We dissolve to rise again
At Tir Taingiris plains

There's no more pain

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