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Beyond the Incantations of the White Queen

This song is by Thalarion and appears on the album Tales Of The Woods... Thus Was Written (1998).

Under the vault of winter sky
Under the stars blazing so high
Under the veil of black desire
There is my name written in fire

Dark shades wander throughout the bloody sunset
In the malice they whisper my fate
That is the key to the shadow gate
Where my power is stronger than all the hate

A dark crowd of nameless shadows follow me
Into the unknown embrace of the freezing destiny
For frost in my eyes now I cannot see
By blizzard formed with the white queen

I can hear the incantations she speaks to me
I can hear her whispering the ancient spell
Carried away by the whipping gale
Far away, towards the frozen vale

Macabre storm silenced my mouth
Now I can't invoke the Queen of Winter
When the snowstorm turns into silent breeze
I will see the white enchantress coming out of the mist

I hearken to her sensual voice
Singing the darkly sweet song
Obssessed by the witchcraft's spell
She has created me to her image

I search ever since for Melussina's breath
I search ever since for her Kingdom

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