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Towards The Obscure Slumberland (1996)Edit

Thalarion - Towards the Obscure Slumberland

Towards the Obscure Slumberland

  1. Lunatic's Third Eye
  2. The Odyssey
  3. Perverse Love To God
  4. Thou, Who Walk To Eternity
  5. As The Memories Of Slavs Awake
  6. The Pyramid Of Sorrow
  7. Towards The Obscure Slumberland
  8. Unreal Delusions
  9. A Lullaby Untold

Tales Of The Woods... Thus Was Written (1998)Edit

Thalarion - Tales of the Woods... Thus Was Written

Tales of the Woods... Thas Was Written

  1. ... And Pain Silently Sings
  2. Goddess Of Beauty And Wisdom Sleeps For Evermore (Mournful Ode To Lada)
  3. Diva Leaves Me... (In My Loneliness)
  4. Shadow-Veiled Nayanna (She Reveals To Me Every Night)
  5. ...Through The Sleeping Nightland
  6. Sonnet Of My Grief
  7. Where The Twilight Dwells Forever...
  8. Beyond The Incantations Of The White Queen
  9. Perun's Thunder Of Revenge Will Storm Aloud
  10. Kania (My Vampiric Bride)

Four Elements Mysterium (2000)Edit

Thalarion - Four Elements Mysterium

Four Elements Mysterium

  1. Cold Waters Of Turbulent Torrents
  2. A Herald Of Sorrow & Wretchedness
  3. A More Than Fiendish Malevolence
  4. Icon Of Hopelessness
  5. Almost Forgotten Empire
  6. Where The Sloes Mature
  7. Carnival
  8. A Staircase To My Soul
  9. In April We Wept

Tunes Of Despondency (2002)Edit

Thalarion - Tunes of Despondency

Tunes of Despondency

  1. 911... As The War Raged
  2. My Bitter Overstrain
  3. Tunes Of Despondency
  4. A Tatrastream Romance
  5. Tatyana
  6. My Weakness
  7. Confined
  8. The Endless Cacophony
  9. Fly Away

Hellium (2004)Edit

Thalarion - Hellium


  1. Intro - Enter The Hellium
  2. Helliotica
  3. Witch Dance
  4. Quest
  5. Singer In The Mist
  6. ...And Mine Journey Continues
  7. Revealing The Sarnath
  8. The Way Of King
  9. I Am...
  10. Realm Of Perfect Visions
  11. Said The Dreamer

Songs on DemosEdit

  • On Behind The Door Of Sorrow (1994)
  1. Information Hunger
  2. Kill Your Death
  3. Last Wishes
  4. Last Thoughts
  5. Ecstasy
  6. Bastard
  7. The Maze Of Life
  8. The Image Of Oblivion
  9. Subconscious Fear

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