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Hard on a Hoe

This song is by Tha Dogg Pound, features Nate Dogg, RBX and Snoop Dogg and appears on the album Cali Iz Active (2006).

(Intro/Chorus: Snoop Dogg)
A little advice, go hard on a hoe
Nigga quit bein nice and go hard on a hoe
Are you a man or a mice, go hard on a hoe
Shit, everywhere I go I go hard on a hoe
Got you sleepin' on the couch? Go hard on a hoe
Shit you need to knock that bitch out, go hard on a hoe
What the fuck you waitin fo'? Go hard on a hoe
Shit, e'rywhere I go I go hard on a hoe

I put my foot down to the fullest
Goin' hard on her doe, straight at'cha goin' hard on a hoe
Ain't no warnin no hoe, storm sleet or rain
Feel no pain, no gain, you lame, it's a shame
Don't explain shit, keep my composure
Tame my bitches, while I'm hittin the doja
Strike like a cobra, the game over now
You know the pimpin' won't quit and the pimpin' won't stop
'Cause that new shit, yeah it's all on a bitch
Fresh candy paint with the spoiler kit
Break a bitch break her ass for e'rythang
I'm married to the game homeboy with no wedding rang
Bling bling! 'Cause hit my cell and my chain, engraved with diamonds
You know it's my name, I break the hoe for e'rythang
Just to let you little hoes know...
We go hard on a hoe

My cousin Snoop say X, you too soft on a hooker
You need to show yo' teeth like a pitbull, shook her
Cause bitches nowadays got schemes with techniques
And some sucker for love was found in a creek
Sheeit, I don't know but they say Tookie shot him
Some snitch bitch did the red-eye dot him
That's why I feed 'em with a long handled chrome
And make 'em tow the line from June to June
Sure momma I love ya, far as I can throw ya
She leave, I grieve, it's nice to know ya
Never no Captain Sav'n, that's over
And I can use yo' chains to pay for the Rover
'Cause if you stay ready, you ain't got to hit
If you cain't follow rules bitch you got to get
All it really takes is, slick conversation
And you can help me when I build my corporation

Be-itch! And all she good for is eatin and skeetin
And after the skeetin, the eating's a beating
If the bitch is out of pocket go hard on a hoe
... I'm tryin' to get my motherfuckin shit tight
Get right, so bitch, this is the plan
Meet me over there on the corner of Grand
I treat a bitch like a bitch (bitch)
I'ma tell the bitch quick I'm hard on a hoe
Ridin' through the strip - hard on a hoe
Bitch you ain't shit I'm hard on a hoe
... Don't even say a motherfuckin thang
Cause bitch I can't hear what you're sayin'
I keep shit crackin' like boss up
Niggaz drivin' the price of the toss up
... That's why I stay D'd
And make the bitch keep doin' what I need
Here's a little advice

Go hard on a hoeeeeeeee

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