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Anybody Killa

This song is by Tha Dogg Pound, features The Game and appears on the album Dogg Chit (2007).

Intro: (The Game)
So all about survivin, nigga
California iz on
Black Wall Street
U niggaz know who it iz
Compton and Long Beach, bacc together again

Verse 1: (Daz Dillinger)
U know itz.
MURDA, MURDA, bring a drama fo ya momma,
Got them 2-2-3'z in tha bacc in Ur impallah
Niggaz got a problem, nigga itz how we convi?
10 froom 20 homiez, going hard on tha mission
Lookin' fort hem niggaz, dat let him know in tha song
See a couple niggaz, to the fure of tha home
Tha niggaz let you know iz bacc
(Like dat, from dat muthafucca bring a sacc)
I'm only fuccin wit tha real niggaz they stay in tha street
I'm only fuccin wit tha real niggaz, they playin' fo keep
When tha streetz in yo whole blocc wit them 2
I'm old-skool ? play by tha rulez
Brothaz and cash, ? tha gram, fuccin tha?
Don't yo know we tha chit off in tha boulevard
Don't you know niggaz die datz tha playin' hard
Oh akon, shoot, bulletproof car

We give a fucc where you from anybody killa
We real give a fucc where you from, anybody killa

Verse 2: (The Game)
(Check It)
Itz too much gangsta-shit, goin' on in tha fuccin world for niggaz to
Be actin' like gyrlz
I'm tha gangbang-chanibal, neva ridin' suplemnal, 12-gauge-shot
To ur body, tha fuccin criminal
? Westcoast beat ? who got tha ? I'm sicc on that gangsta-chit
Nah blood or crip, I'ma anybody killa, fo rilla, head blood head muthafuccin
Suicide on my flow, itz tha automatic wife fo my rag iz tha flag, hangin' from tha
Fuccin Eifelturm-tower
MC'z off tha 5? American time-bomb, explo to tha next episode
Cum letz ridin', ? drivin', hit low, itz all about muthafuccin survivin
Any city I claim, westside we bang, The Game, and tha DPGC-Gang

Verse 3: (Kurupt)
Dogg Pound Gangstaz, let it rain muthafucca
Ain't to be nuttin tha extreme muthafucca
Juz ? day

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