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This song is by Texas in July.

Each with the hand in the act of murder
We have all become slaves
Covered in addictions and misfortunes
Festered families and forgotten friendships
Everything's unstable
The ground we walk is not the same
We need our balance to lead the way
We could stay in this moment
Forever and ever
But it's not the same
If we live in fiction we can't find peace
We are all suffocating
Look at all of the things you've done, x2
These serpents swim circles
Through these dark murky waters
Coating them red with the blood of our fathers
We've pushed this to the edge
It's time
To learn by heart
What's important in our lives
We will find our way, x4
Undiscovered love
Haunts the time to come
We have become
Undiscovered love haints the time to come
We have become uncivilized. x3

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