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Cry Wolf

This song is by Texas in July and appears on the album Texas in July (2012).

Where do you go when your home is not a home? x2

Going through these motions
Proving something for nothing, something for nothing,
I can't ignore your gimmicks
You will never be
You will never be a part of me!

Feet still planted
If you can't sustain the damage
I'll be the last man standing

Give it up if you can't find your way back to me
I'll be the problem on your pathway home
And I told you once
This mind is nothing more than what it's worth

This is not what you came for
This is not what you thought it would be.

Back track to the birth of the pain where it came from
You'll see that it wasn't me
Back track to the pain
It wasn't me

In alarm to the message addressed to the public
I never saw this one coming
As this winter gets colder it will all blow over on this perfect day

You can cry wolf but stop running
Money hungry bandits
With their pockets full of loose change
You're not the only one
Pushing till you lose control
But it's not so perfect
When you learned that you deserved it
Grim feelings eat your rotten heart away

Because time waits for no man
Look deep into your mind and see everything that you didn't want to be
Because time waits for no man

Where do you go when your home is not a home? x2
Where do you go?

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