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Just Ask Me To

This song is by Tevin Campbell, features Chubb Rock and appears on the album T.E.V.I.N. (1991) and on the movie soundtrack Boyz N The Hood (1991).

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Just Ask Me To
Jus-Just ask
Just ask me to
Jus- Just ask me
Oh yeah
You know it "G"
First of all lets make it clear
I'm a strong young man
Takin' no shorts Y'ss
So if you plan on makin' waves
It's just a waste of time
You should face reality
Check this out
I don't want you to think that I'm
Afraid or shy
Native I would never be
You know it "G"
I just want a friend
So I can hold her hands
Come on baby
And get with me
Just ask me to
Just ask me to
I'll be with you
A hug
So much fun again
If you walk with me
If yiu walk with me
I'll walk with you
I'll walk with you
And hug
And hug
You're my special friend
Oh yeah
Forget those people talkin' trash
Uh, B-baby
Let's jet off and escape
Girl it's not too late
Take tevin by the hand
I'm sure you'll understand
I'm sure you'll understand
Baby this is faith
Do-o on't
Be afraid
Tc one time now
I'm not here to get goof around
So Zero in that though
You should understand that "G"
Ah yeah baby
You can make all the types
Of way that you want
But I woun't let you play yourself
Don't be afraid
We've got it made
We've got it made we're young
It feels so good
To know we have room to grow
Chubb rock:
Check it out
Yeah check it
I'm sorry Tevin
I know you really feel like
You're in heaven
Your grills are seven
And your body reads eleven
Fourteen "G"
Chubb rock
If you really want het "G"
Don't pretend to be all cute
She knows you loot
Not AL B can't convince me that you're native
The squads will proceed
Your position
Rationlaize who you are
TevinCampbell gets souped
You're a star
Tevin and chubb:
Can you tell me where you're going to?
Chubb rock:
To my crib for a few
Don't sexual, sexual means half
And if she's on that progra
That's what's your staff is for
She might've been around the world
And I, I, I, I
You might find your baby
And if not
You can come to my crib
I'm Chubb Rock, Peace!
Just ask me to
I'll be with you
A hug so much fun again
If you walk with me, I'll walk with you
And hug
You're my special friend
Break it down
I'm in here "G"
'Cause I'm the "T"
To the "E"
To the "V"
To the "I"
To the"N"

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