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Break of Dawn

This song is by Tevin Campbell and appears on the album Back To The World (1996).

Yo what's up? leave your name and a brief message and I'll be sure to get back
With you-peace beep!tevin I love you

Chorus:shhh break it down I don't want nobody else to hear the sounds
This love is a private affair interrupt the flow, no they better not
Shhh we got to break it on down

In the day time? uh, uh I think not I'd rather do you after school
Like some homework am I gettin' you hot? in my bedroom? no! cause then
We have to stop i, d rather wait till everyone's fast asleep then do
It in the kitchen on the table top we got to break it on down

Candlelight? no I don't think so the crackle of the flame will just
Spoil the flow besides, I can be your fire, baby drippin' all over
Like a ball of wax relax and let go

I'm here to do work, baby, so what you here to do? I know you got
Somethin' special on your mind is that true? I'm here to do work, baby
And I wanna do it with you you say you wanna slow jam? then listen up
Girl I wanna whisper music in your ear that'll rock your, rock your,
Rock your world oh, what's my name, love? tevin.i, ll ask you again
And again and again and again till you scream it, scream it...
Wait a minute, shh break it down break it down what's my name, baby?
Hear the sound this is a secret private affair nobody'll know better
Not dare oh yeah, ya got to break it on down

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