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Til That Day

This song is by Tesla and appears on the album Simplicity (2014).

Everything's so crazy
Just take it all in stride
Life's forever changing
So keep eyes open wide

'Cause I can make everything all right
I'm here to share, to shed some light
Help you stumble through the dark
I haven't anything to hide
At times no explanation why
When you question those cloudy days
When skies are grey
I'll do my best to help you learn to find your way

Keep courage near
To face your fears
Appreciate each job of blood sweat and tears
So many paths that you can walk
Just listen close when your heart talks
Speaking from within
'Cause it will never let you down
At times the only thing around
The center of your soul, your being
To help you see to touch to feel
Always real

One wishes more than make believe
I wish that you would grow to be
Someone who loves and understands
And has the strength to learn to stand on your own two feet
Be all that you can be
And know I'll always love you
I will always love you until the day I die
Until the day I die

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