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This song is by Tesla and appears on the album Simplicity (2014).

Me and the boys got a rock and roll band
Go town to town playin' one night stands
Tearin' it up night after night
It's a life I lead
With no end in sight
So call up your friends, come down to the show
The crew got it ready for rock and roll

Bouncing off the walls
Rockin' all the halls
I'm a fireball
Like Uncle Ted said, a Free-for-all

Rollin' down the tracks like a runaway train
Moving so fast enough to drive you insane
Take it or leave it, it's the name of the game
You better believe you'll never be the same
So there goes he's holding up a sign
While Static G is making sure we're on time

Playing music every night
Havin' the time of my life
Everything will be all right, all right, all right, all right tonight

So here we are we're back again
With a brand new record ready to spin
We love our fans wanna make 'em proud
Slap it in and turn it up loud

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