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Other Than Me

This song is by Tesla and appears on the album Simplicity (2014).

You know I care but you're unaware
Just how I really feel about you
Seems every time I try to speak my mind
I don't know why words are impossible to find
All those nights I stood by your side
While you cried for someone else

When it rains you run for cover
'Cause you find me so comforting
It's such a shame that when you need a lover
It's someone other than me

I'm always there to catch you when you fall
No matter when or where
I'd do anything at all
Your eyes don't see what I'm picturing
Just you and me sharing love together
I will try till the day that I die
No, I won't give up until you see

I keep holding on believing
You'll follow where your heart is leading
And see the one you've always needed
Has been right here all along

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