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Life Is A River

This song is by Tesla and appears on the album Simplicity (2014).

What you think is just a song
Is coming from within
What you hear is from my soul
Where do I begin
When I'm feeling all alone
It's my salvation of my own
It's funny how it helps me to be strong

What you think is just a dog
Is one of my best friends
What you see as sawed up logs
Is the house that I live in
What you call a pile of stones
Is the foundation of my home
And we all know there's nothing sweet as home sweet home

Life is a river
Let it flow
Let it flow
Life is a river
Let it flow
You've got to let it flow
Let that river flow

You've been left out once again
Standing in the rain
Now you feel you've reached the end
And you just can't stand the pain
Even though you still remain
You're God's creation
This I know
'Cause life can be so beautiful

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