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Cross My Heart

This song is by Tesla and appears on the album Simplicity (2014).

Come on now
Well I've been trying to call you honey
'Cause I know you're all alone
Meanwhile I'm stuck in Albuquerque
While you're taking care of home
Every time it goes to voicemail
Can't get you on the line
So I'm just sending you this message to ease your worried mind

I promise you my friend when we're apart
I will be faithful to the end
Cross my heart
I swear to you my friend right from the start
I will be there for you to the end
Cross my heart

I see you tried to call me back
While I was up on stage
Sometimes I feel like an animal who's locked up in a cage
As the days, the weeks, the months
Turned to years gone by
Too many bad excuses baby
Not even one good reason why

I wanna let you know
You are the only one
I'll never let you go

You know it's true, baby

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