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A Briefing For The Ascent

This song is by Terry Scott Taylor and appears on the album A Briefing For The Ascent (1988) and on the album The Miracle Faith Telethon (1990).

Take a burning spear
And the savior's promise
Ride a horse of air
Through the burning forest

With our father's faith
And a child's wonder
Down the halls of grace
By his mercy go under

It will seem so sudden
Yes, but through god's will
The season will dream and
Time will stand still (for)

Hearts in waiting
Hearts in waiting

Beneath a crimson sea
Is a buried treasure
You will find the key
That unlocks forever

Does it seem so sudden
This sad sweet goodbye?
This is what you have lived for
Now for this you must die

Close your eyes
And rest secure
Your soul is safe
Your body sure
He that loves you
Is he that keeps
The one that guards you
Never slumbers, never sleeps

Take the greatest care
To hold onto your vision
Climb the golden stair
To the courts of heaven
It will seem so sudden
But you will laugh as you run
You will wash in the river
You will shine in the son