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This song is by Terror Punk Syndicate and appears on the album Extended Playtime (2007).

A distant flash
In the horizon
Lights up the sky
Here comes liberation
From a thousand miles high
Everything will end soon
A massive blast
Comes sweeping towards us

Far, far away
In the house of power
By the table of opinions
Where nothing's really achieved
The leaders of the world
Speak their vision of the future
Blinded by ambition
They commence their genocide
Nothing remains intact
After the impact
Time and time again
History repeats itself
The silent screams
Of a million shattered lives
Echo through the landscape
Our dreams have just been raped
Hiding in fear
Underneath a shelter
Outside lies dust and rubble
Charcoaled bodies on the ground
Holding back a tear
We shut our eyes and pray
The scars of their atrocities
Will never go away

One final solution
Mission complete
Brutalize a third world nation
Feeding the elite
By making no distinction
Between enemy and friend
The zealous men of politics
Have saved the day again
A passive puppet won't perceive
The obvious and true
And even if you knew it all
There's nothing you can do
In times like these you learn
It's better not to get involved
Don't feel bad for us
It's just another problem solved

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