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Here To Take You Down

This song is by Terror Punk Syndicate and appears on the album Extended Playtime (2007).

You've been worshiped for too long
I'm here to take you down
From that pedestal you're standing on
Your luck has changed
No one really likes you
But they just won't speak their minds
That's what I'm here to tell you
Wipe that stupid smile off your face

I tried to be friendly
And share my ideas
But it seems you didn't want them
And hey, it's all okay
'Cause I know you're just an asshole
And you ain't got this talent
And no one would raise an eyebrow
If you'd lay down and die right now

Maybe it's my young age you envy
Since you're thirty-five already
Fat and ugly, smell bad too
That's right, I'm talking about you
It can't be easy
Losing hair and gaining weight like you do
I guess the Lord above
Gave you what you had coming to you
You think you can win
You ain't got the force within
So get out of my face
Or get yourself a wheelchair
'Cause I'll wait for you outside
So I can punch your fucking head off
Just to make you say you're sorry
That you ever had these thoughts about me

I tried to be friendly
I'm here to take you down