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Fuel To The Fire

This song is by Terravita.

Started at a low, no catalyst,
No weapons to fight my own battle with.
My inner, a masochist,
Outside, a strategist,
Tellin' me you can't unravel this mystery.
Now all of that shit is just history.
Double the energy, ready the elements,
Adding that fuel to my fire, come learn from me.

I picked up the tools of my trade,
Commandeering your eardrums.
Enough of this masquerade,
Just follow these breadcrumbs.
Be the Jack and the Jill and just follow your dreams to the top of the hill,
What we buildin' we build a new wall for the next generation of children.

What we plant, seed after seed,
Till we never tend (?) yeah.
I've been leadin' the struggle,
Take obstacles, juggle, no magic,
A muggle is brilliant.
I'mma kill shit until the NV turn me 'to a villain.
I'm not willin' to give up just yet,
We're broke with the national debt.
Misinformation, a threat,
This fire may spill till our freedoms are dead.
Like shit to the slaughter, our sons and our daughters,
Will never look forward to brighter tomorrows
If we don't take step to begin to abort this.

Whole system is broken, how can you ignore this?
Argumentative executives shoutin' at culprits, grand-standing and selfish.
That 1% wealth isn't helping/healthy, but money can't buy you to happy,
I'll take being broke over ignorance, gladly.
I never once thought that they'd burn us so badly, so sadly.
It's up to the masses to make us massive.
Stand up, fix the laws keep the police passive.

Just add that fuel to my fire,
It's taking me higher and higher.
Snap back refuel my desire,
It's taking me higher and higher.

Just tryin' to make you aware,
Just tryin' to shake the world up like a British up here.
Just tryin' to get us prepared,
Our thoughts and our dreams, throw them up in the air.
Compare them to what?
Flash back to a time when I thought I was nuts,
Just another lunatic on the back of the bus,
No spine, no guts, no trust, it's just us.

Get it to another level, education or bust.
I'll be your teacher, be your future, be the one that you must.
Clutch close to your heart, until you turn me to dust.
The ones who are looking for the truth are only makin' it worse.
News feeds, it's a bush tryin' change up our course.
Gotta keep in mind, like a jedi with the force.
Everytime you hit the ground get up, get back on your horse.
Break the mould, fuck the rules they enforce.

So stand up, throw your hands up,
Actions speak louder than words, we gotta man up.
Throw your cup up, raise it in cheers, that murder of my soul.
Keep it matte black, we're not doormats,
Treat it like a gnat, attack that,
We preachin' positivity with bass and a hi-hat.
An energetic movement of "I just don't believe that."
Got an army on the internet that'll never believe that.
We're sick of being poisoned and they better believe that,
Middle finger in the air and they can go and retrieve that.
All the politics, our future, man we comin' to cleave that.
You wanna know what bad is? Bitch, it's that (?).

But I digress, it's time to get some of this shit off my chest,
That's the dude that burns the fire man, the fuel that burns best.

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