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But Not for Me

This song is by Teresa Brewer.

They're writing songs of love, but not for me
A lucky star's above, but not for me
With love to lead the way
I've found more clouds of gray
Than any Russian play could guarantee
I was a fool to fall and get that way
Heigh-ho! Alas! And also, lack-a-day!
Although I can't dismiss the mem'ry of his kiss, I guess he's not for me

He's knocking on a door, but not for me
He'll plan a two by four, but not for me
I know that love's a game
I'm puzzled, just the same
Was I the moth or flame?
I'm all at sea
It all began so well, but what an end!
This is the time a feller needs a friend
When ev'ry happy plot ends with the marriage knot
And there's no knot for me


Written by:

George Gershwin; Ira Gershwin

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