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When the streets are slightly lit,
I sometimes feel reluctant
to search for the exit I've yet to reach.

We are able to choose
among the several realities, but
I somehow always end up lost.

Even if I cram
all my wishes into my small pocket,
they can still end up wearing down
when I look back in confusement.

I suddenly want to be alone,
as I just run through the night at the highest speed.
Even the memories I didn't throw away
have now been thrown away.
It's something unavoidable,
something I don't want to speak of.
I can only hear the sound of the slashing wind
outside my window now.

I lie down on the cold asphalt
of a parking lot on a hill
that looks so unfamiliar at midnight.

I somehow feel impure,
but I can still see an ocean of stars
in the cloudy sky above.

From time to time,
I ask those stars to listen.
I wonder why doing serious things like that
makes me suddenly laugh.

Even my insignificant reality,
even the feelings I drag with me,
although it seems like they aren't good,
they really have meaning.
Even the declined crescent moon,
even the many thousands of shining stars,
I've breathed them all in
along with my small wish.

The night will end soon,
and the stars will melt in the pale light.
Even the white sighs I release
will disappear into the mist.
I don't know why
I feel warmth in the frozen air now.
Something inside of me
it accelerating and changing.

On the distant eastern horizon,
the sun looks much like a ping-pong ball.
Floating little by little,
the world comes into my view.
A body of light
is spreading radially all throughout.
From the bottom of my heart,
I'll continue to see this world.