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Scattered rain suddenly begins to fall, dampening the streets.
And before I realize it, it suddenly leaves to somewhere again.
You slipped in between the gaps of my heart as if you were a kitten.
There were no expectations of kindness, but that's ok.

In the midst of not knowing if this is love,
our times is flowing on.

Being in love is a special thing.
It passes through thoughts that needn't be said.
It's like dreaming even after you've woken up.
I feel that you will someday
melt away in the scattered rain.

Blowing wind clears the rain clouds away, as the smell of the wet earth fades.
If these small memories can somehow support you, then that's ok.

In the midst of not knowing each other's feelings,
this is anxiousness.

Being in love isn't such a special thing.
We met by chance, and are now side by side.
Just like the air, we are meant for each other.
This feels like the fading of the wind
after the skies have cleared.