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​Tribute To Hank (Skit)

This song is by Ten Typ Mes and appears on the album Zamach na przeciętność (2009).

I mean, and then many of the great poets of the past,
I've read their stuff. I've read it.
All I get is a goddamn headache and boredom,
I really feel sickness in the pit of my stomach,
I say: "There's some trick going on here, this is not true.
This is not real, it's not good."
You see poetry itself contains as much energy as a Hollywood industry.
As much energy as a stage play on Broadway.
All it needs is practitioners who are alive to bring it alive.
Poetry has always been said to be a private, hidden art.
Not to be appreciated.
The reason it's not appreciated is because it hasn't shown any guts,
Hasn't shown any dance. Hasn't shown any moxie. Got it?