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World With No Money (La Monde Sans D'argent)

This song is by Ten Hands and appears on the live album The Big One Is Coming (1989).

Not enough days, not enough hours, for the people who want my time
If it were within my power, I would lock you all away with me
In a world with no money
We get caught in a circle, doing nothing over and over again
It's so easy, just existing, like believing that living is a sin
(What do you want?) I want to live
(What do you want?) Somewhere to go
(What do you want?) I know it's in here, in here inside me
I want to live in a world with no money
Always saying, never doing, that's the way I live my life
Gotta get a true religion, I can't find one here, but I think I might
In a world with no money
It's a dream - It's a cop out - a wish for something that will never be
There's too many people, there's too much tradition
Too many buildings
And not enough me

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