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Still Believe

This song is by Ten Foot Pole and appears on the album Subliminable Messages (2004).

So the walls are closing in to sufficate you
Like you're trapped and flailing blindly in a garbage bag
You're sinking in a tar pit like a saber tooth...
You struggle but the blackness sticks to you
Like a disease that you can't wash off
So you go into the kichen for acarving knife
But you've tried to cut it out before
It only left you hurting more

I still believe in you
I hope that you'll pull through
Don't let this moment last
Let's put it in the past
If you believe in me
Sit down and try to braethe
Let this dark moment go
Turn back to the you I know

You're convinced your friends are hatching plots against you
And your family conspires to watch your misery
Everyone keeps saying it's just chemical
Can't they see that chemicals are killing you?
Just as surely as heart failure
Why not another failure now you're on a roll
Odd that the thought of dying makes you cry
When all you dream about is suicide

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