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This song is by Temporary Basement and appears on the album Interim (2008).

I know why I can't sit still by noon
I want to make plans
Want to present you with a house that stands

You're unsure
You know you want to be
A feather adrift
So I lay these words inside your hands

All waves break
I won't just wash away
My vow remains true
I didn't fight for you to let you through

You know you want of me
A pillar unmoved
So I root my feet
I sing to you

The things I want are the things I know I can't keep
All I want from you
Are the parts that you choose
The gravity falls in my heart till I can't split the pieces
All I want from you
Are the parts that you choose

I know why I look up to you
I want to make good
On every promise that
I said I would

I'll open every lock
Our time will come soon
It's a promise I can keep to you

Lately I've wronged - I'm not so sure that the patterns rejected were off
Though you've been lost - ill not rescind on the words that I started in song of you.

Moments pass
I know they can't be planned
It's not up to us

One last chance
We hold to plans we can
It's not about rain