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This song is by Temporary Basement and appears on the album Interim (2008).

Holdover seems
To keep past the nearest deep sea

I'm just as scared, as you
I want stability
A formal guarantee
From harm.

Each time you've left
I fake my face for all the rest
Drink with my friends
Dismiss our time
Although you keep
My whole blueprint
In stone.

Stars will come back
Every time we falter
Every time we lay down
Lay down to sleep

Stars will come home
Every time we've wandered
Every time we're weighed down
Paid our receipts

I breathe in seams
To grasp, you say, ruins our pure rings

Missives reserved
Please don't withhold
Release to me
Keep me within arms's reach
For good.

I want waves
I want means
Not just skylights above me

I pick you
Over sleep
Over memories of family.

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