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This song is by Temporary Basement and appears on the album Interim (2008).

Without you
A room just stays an empty space
It doesn't matter what is placed
When all the air follows
I can't remain

If you leave
Demolish every wall I touch
Extinguish all remaining fire
If you cannot stay still
Nothing else will

If you leave much too soon
My core collapses
Implode before I start

Your silent ways
I know I want
I know I want to be
So why don't you just wake me up again?

A quiet gaze
I only work
From words you choose to say
So why don't you just wake me up again?

If I sleep next to you
It's all I ever do
Move all I can to stay pressed to you
Only till my heart decides a time when it can stop

If I sleep next to you
Armies will follow
Till I lose all my wards

Ill never give what I can't ever have
I want nothing less than you

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