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This song is by Temporary Basement and appears on the album Interim (2008).

6 am to 7:30 I'm lying in bed, in no big hurry
Should I mark targets or set different aims?
When last night turned out exactly the same?

I draw new designs, I never go out
But every day the same chore, a pointless worry
So why'd I drive hours in traffic to stay?
If I can't go from to dc to la

Then why show?
Don't leave me I hope this carries you home
My weakness convinced me can we just go?

I shuffle my feet
And fake a purpose
Though every day it feels like my textbook's worthless
But I can't stand for another 10 years
A new moon changes, my spark disappears

But when I'm asleep, I never give in
My dreams are destinations
Long beach in winter
So why must I stay, submit to my fear?
If I can't drive from dc to la, I won't know