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The Atheist

This song is by Temples and appears on the EP Periplaneta Nova (2011).

I. The Wanderer
Delve into your mind wondering what you'll find
A distant forlorn man, the space to understand
Too far gone

Ii. The Realist
Baleful stars become our creation
Swirling cosmic dust in a constant state of flux
In time

Risen from the sea only to receive
Cursed destiny as far as the I can see
Too far gone

Knowledge is heavy - to realize is pain
The burden of understanding
It is a right to bear

Iii. The Cynic
By proxy we live - by proxy we'll die
Nightmarish hubris, reality fiction
Militant servitors uphold religion

Operated on the table - is it someone who should die?
Would it matter if it were I?

Iv. The Believer
I've never before been this afraid
Of the depths where monsters lie
I know we all know
Of no priest to exorcise

Please god help me
O heavenly father what should I do
To make you leave me alone

V. The Atheist

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